Experience in creating solutions to difficult disputes between shareholders, customers, employees and suppliers. There are times in corporate life when disputes emerge and in escalation there will be a need to have an independent advisor assess the situation and provide some balance to the environment. The services of dispute resolution provides an independent assessment of where there is room for conciliation and finding solution to the problems which an organisation is facing. It will also look at the opportunity for mediation to reach a solution that is acceptable to both sides in dispute. The mediation will take the necessary steps to

    • Ask probing questions to help uncover the underlying problems
    • Assist the parties to understand the issues
    • Clarify the positions and identify the options to resolve the difference or dispute
    • Look at the pros and cons of each alternative for each of the parties and find an avenue of compromise to deliver the best solutions to the issues.

The wealth of experience of working with businesses in distress and with difficulties over many years has meant that Houston Hunter is a solution driven practise not bogged down in problems but focused upon the solution opportunity which challenge creates. This positivity in a dispute situation enables a clarity of vision to find a resolution which has a mix of compromise and satisfaction at its heart. With a pragmatic approach and the realism to appreciate the emotional intelligence required to achieve an outcome the resolution to disputes is independently assessed and enables all parties to deal with the problem and move on.

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