Helpful Links - useful resources for further information

(Or How to find what you need to know!)

The worldwide web allows us all to find out what we need to know and quickly become experts in a narrow field, but to find the information and knowledge we need to know where to look. Here are a number of useful websites for you to turn to when researching the strategic and restructuring scenario.

The Institute of Directors website is a good place to start to understand the pillars of good governance and corporate leadership. It will also help you come to grips with the role and responsibilities of directors.

The Insolvency Service Department of the Economy in Northern Ireland or the Insolvency Service for GB websites provide general information to help you find out about insolvency procedures, the rules, and regulations, how to find an Insolvency Practitioner , and how to complain. You can also search for disqualified directors, and individuals subject to IVAs and bankruptcy.

The Prepack Pool is the only site to go to if you are buying a business through a prepack, especially if you are the existing owner and are ‘phoenixing’ the business. It will advise you what documentation you need to produce and why.

Companies House is a good source of free information on companies registered in the UK.

R3 is the UK’s professional trade association for Insolvency practitioners (IPs), is a good source of information and finding an IP in the UK (Always happy to recommend)

INSOL and INSOL Europe are the international trade organisations for IPs, and is a good source of information and finding an IP in different jurisdictions

Citizens Advice Northern Ireland have a free Debt Advice Line and trained staff to give you impartial advice


This list is not exhaustive, and I will add or amend it when issues arise needing signposts for support.