Organisations often hit the challenge of having valued staff out of the business on a range of health issues where there is no capacity to cover the work with the existing resource.  Short term support provides the answers in these circumstances an interim manager can provide the services to meet the needs.   The benefits are that the interim manager will focus on the tasks requested for a defined period of time and deliver continuity of business to safeguard the business.   To have an experienced manager in post as an Interim Manager on a temporary basis will ensure that the job is in safe hands until the permanent staff member returns.  

Short term secondments really work to provide support and interim management roles to assist businesses with challenging staffing issues. Joan Houston has fulfilled a number of interim management roles throughout her extensive career.

These include

  • Working capital management in a large corporate body of 300 staff
  • Short term cash flow management for struggling companies
  • Production costing management for manufacturer
  • Interim management for numerous industries in insolvency sold as business and assets to new owners from food processing, leisure industry, shoe manufacturing, construction, retailing, wholesaling, distribution and freight.
  • Administrators’ representative directing operations in businesses growing the trading and improving profitability in a short timescale.
  • Facilitation of relocation and managed exit from locations.

The interim manager will provide confidence and continuity of service during a period of uncertainty enabling the organisation to maintain its operations in a competent manner.   

Why Houston Hunter – we provide solution driven solutions to an interim management crisis. Our services are flexible and our extensive experience gives strength and depth to fulfil a wide range of functions and roles in any organisation.  Please contact us to discuss your needs and allow us to evaluate how best we can help you.