Planning and Development of Corporate Restructuring and financial restructuring services with turnaround expertise.

Houston Hunter works with organisations, their advisers, lenders, trustees and creditors to provide tailored solutions at every stage of the business cycle.

There are some common restructuring challenges and Houston Hunter provides help to clients to resolve how to

  • develop an effective turnaround strategy
  • manage risk by simplifying corporate structure
  • monitor emerging financial risks
  • secure an appropriate funding solution
  • preserve value on distressed real estate proects
  • realise value and optimise the outcome of a formal insolvency
  • identify and recover assets after contentious insolvency or
  • navigate an accelerated transaction

In Corporate Restructuring it is important to have the advice and support to enable an organisation to react swiftly and decisively to signs of decline in order to maximise an organisations opportunity to recover.

  • The sooner organisations seek specialist advice the more likely a recovery can be made.
  • We work in partnership with organisations to diagnose and overcome the issues they face drawing upon local knowledge and many years of experience and networks to achieve resolution to problems.
  • We advise boards and other stakeholders lenders, investor groups, creditors, and landlords on crisis stabilisation, turnaround strategies and planned restructuring programmes.

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