Strategic Review of business or charity operations to provide strategic options and develop business plans for the future.

Why do organisations need Strategic Development/Business Planning?

  • Ad-hoc approaches to solving problems without a strategic plan to provide clear direction
  • Concern as to how to position themselves in the marketplace to face threats from competitors and the external environment
  • All are too busy to stand back from the business to decide how best they can organize their time to produce results
  • Profit margins are low
  • Lack of any true accountability
  • A lot of problem stating - not solution focussed
  • Performance parameters not defined
  • No succession plan in place
  • Decision making process cumbersome
  • Need for clarity around management structure and leadership roles

Whatever the reason, you will be looking expert advice – we provide accountants and business advisors who can provide you with these benefits.

  • Creative guidance to identify possible solutions for your business
  • Advice on commercial and contractual issues
  • Specialist strategic challenge to identify strategic goals and solutions
  • Resource assessment to ensure that the strategy identified is deliverable.
  • Support through each stage of the process in a timescale to suit you and your needs

Independent consultations to ensure that an organisation acts early and provide support which is pro-active in setting the strategic direction. With the defined strategic plan in place this will empower the leadership to implement the agreed course of action. Outcomes of a successful strategic review include:-

  • A Strategic Plan with objectives outlined by key performance indicators
  • The introduction of an effective management model for the company
  • Leaders of the future identified
  • Accurate assessment and realising the potential of your people
  • Underperformers identified in a measurable way  Increased profitability
  • Increased productivity
  • Better Client/Customer service
  • An effective system for driving the financial outcome of the company
  • A focused marketing plan
  • Analysis of competitors and potential partners of the future
  • Directors/managers career plans with leadership roles clarified
  • Personal goals for all staff
  • Performance Management System company wide

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